♫♪  Zazzo Air - “‘Soniq Boys”

Pick you own Squiggle Dot backstory Vol. 1 - Zazz0 Air Edition

1. Somewhere inside a karaoke bar near Reno is a Phil Collins impersonator: eating lukewarm cheesesticks, drunk, dedicating his next number to his dog Janice before slurring the words to “Sussudio” and avoiding eye contact. There isn’t much there for him, so he disappears into the night. That was 1995. Now, 20 years later, that fried cheese lovin’ man has reappeared under the name Zazzo Air.

2. There’s a fish tank in my living room housing dead and dying Venus Flytraps who, out of vengeance, are releasing super rad hallucinogens into the air and this is all a vivid farce (sorry dudes, we have hundreds of fruit flies, I don’t know what else you need to survive.)

3. A group of friends who all pay rents in the same town in Florida decided to make music together, eventually calling the project Zazzo Air.

The choice is yours! But whatever you decided on, check out the astro-wavy Zup EP out on Squiggle Dot!

• Zazzo Air: https://soundcloud.com/zazzoair
• Squiggle Dot: https://squiggledot.bandcamp.com

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