♫♪  Ziyad - Compost Regrowth

The restlessness of regeneration — cells and molecules are never inactive, never still. The cycle — birth —> death —> rebirth — is unending, a constant process of change.

Everything is restless all the time.

(That has to be a scientific law or something, right? Perpetual motion? We’ve achieved that?)

Thermodynamics guide Ziyad through Compost Regrowth (Hear Now Records), an album-length study of motion through sound and melody. Loosely tied to footwork, Ziyad’s rhythmic studies weave like beetles through tall grass, sparkle like sunlight on lakes. Ziyad revels in the phases of all matter, their combinations, their uses; creation and destruction are intertwined, like the ouroboros adorning the tape’s cover.

One thing ends, another begins. Constant. Fluid.

Apply concept — repeat.

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