AFRIKA PSEUDOBRUITISMUS (a.k.a. Erik, a.k.a. Meme Vivaldi) has been in contact with Tiny Mix Tapes (specifically me) since I (C Monster) had a Facebook account. Actually, when I deleted my name from the internet, Erik and I had a brief period of black-out comm, considering we only used Facebook to chat. Since we’ve linked back up, and every time we comm now, it’s p much heaven in a half-pipe. So, this is a real honor to introduce a totally original guest mix by the Spaniard under his outrageous project name, AFRIKA PSEUDOBRUITISMUS.

Besides his most recent release, Sunshine Scorpio Rising — WHICH might not actually be his most recent musings, as I get weekly e-mails from Erik about new tracks/releases — BLACK MOLLY & MONEY OM was admittedly drawn from inspiration listening to old Hype Williams works. And I can hear that influence, ya. But for me, AFRIKA PSEUDOBRUITISMUS’ mix is more-so a satire on general meditation and guidance-to-success samples. Like, my boss came by earlier to chat, and BLACK MOLLY & MONEY OM was BLARING (I was on lunch, so it was W/E), I turned it down, but he was like “What do we have here? Can you understand what they’re saying?” and cranked the stereo. Honestly: NO, I CANNOT, and I said that.

BLACK MOLLY & MONEY OM is twisted. Though, that’s no surprise considering AFRIKA PSEUDOBRUITISMUS has monopolized an entire genre of music all to himself. Don’t ask me what you’d call that genre, but after a dose or two of BLACK MOLLY & MONEY OM, you’re eyes will kaleidoscope into a cult symbol of emoji that only a meme may fixxx. Get there:

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