Chocolate Grinder Mix 101
I Know What Died On That Cross

I Know What Died On That Cross.
I’ve Got Blood In My Eyes.
All I Care About, My Whereabouts.
Bop To The Right, Bop To The Left.
This, Right Here.
The White Man, I Say To You Over And Over Again.
No Guns, No Mask, All Pain, Red Eyes.
No Smile.
I Know What Died On That Cross.

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[00:00] E+E - “Moth”
[00:54] a i r s p o r t s - “Transgression”
[04:00] Perera Elsewhere - “Bongoloid”
[05:16] Dean Blunt - “Viper”
[07:20] Dlow - “Dlow Shuffle”
[09:16] Bloody Jay Feat. Future - “Nothing But Some Pain”
[10:55] Blackhoods - “Doomhound”
[12:49] DJ Maboku - “Instrumental Pe”
[13:55] Chief Keef - “All I Care About”
[17:43] Color Plus - “Pretty”
[20:17] Lil B - “Smack”
[22:50] Dean Blunt - “Whip”

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