♫♪  Chocolate Grinder Mix 108 - Love Tunnel

Have I told you about my boo, SoundCloud, yet? Well, we’ve been together for about three years now (she’d kill me if she found out I didn’t know our anniversary!), and it hasn’t always been the smoothest of relationships — you know, time apart and shit — but damnit if I don’t love her. Sometimes, when I’m a little busy, I end up neglecting her, and when I do this BOOM! all of the sudden there are like 200 messages from her that I have to sift through. But even if she can be pretty overwhelming, she still provides me with exactly what I need: an endless stream of love. I’ve collected some of my favorite messages from her from this year, just to show you how wonderful she can be. Some of the them have been deleted and are now long gone, but luckily I made a few timely copies. I also threw in some music, just to help keep the whole thing moving.

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[00:00] SoundCloud - “I need help try and open a site”
[00:02] A-ko - “Just a Minute”
[01:01] 6press x vinyll bump - “exit”
[02:02] ƒLAXEED - “FÅSER”
[02:59] allenANALOG❀ - “dreem”
[04:29] duwop - “yellow”
[05:07] dil withers - “baden”
[07:32] Paul Hares - “Oh No Say”
[09:07] chambry - “sad and so distracted”
[10:12] blueberry_ - “she”
[11:03] Jansport J - “Shoulders”
[13:10] nullspace - “ssnnt”
[14:10] Monster Rally - “Hazy Palava”
[16:35] ShunGu - “Knowbetter_”
[17:36] ax. - “dream_scapes.”
[20:00] deadxbeat - “mellowdafckoutgurl”
[21:12] miraa. - “hi.”
[22:21] aria san - “♢”
[23:59] SoundCloud - “SoundCloud: hear the world’s sounds”

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