Chocolate Grinder Mix 32
“Inglitchious Bassterds”

This installment is basically a wet dream of mine come to sticky fruition. When Tiny Mix Tapes started grinding chocolate, I never dreamed I’d be able to gather Venetian Snares, Kid606, and Mochipet on a single mix, all of whom I consider to be among the biggest names in glitch. Their supporting cast is nothing to scoff at either, featuring a righteous indie rap selection from Themselves (a track likely to make Jay-Z retire for the 24th and final time) and an uppity dance floor pump from breakbeat legend Si Begg. Also, Chad VanGaalen’s Black Mold adds a certain conserved madness to the festivities, completely unlike everything he makes with a guitar, while ill.gates & adamduke’s quirky “Closet Caveman” will satisfy those eagerly awaiting a new Tipper album. Kick ass.

01. Themselves - “Oversleeping” (Crownsdown)
Start time: 0:00; Links: Anticon - Themselves

02. Venetian Snares - “Chainsaw Fellatio” (Filth)
Start time: 3:15; Links: Planet Mu - Venetian Snares

03. Kids In Tracksuits - “Zone feat. Mr. Lif” (Zone 7”)
Start time: 7:51; Links: Fluid Ounce - Kids In Tracksuits

04. Mochipet - “Godzilla New Year (Original Mix)” (Godzilla New Year EP)
Start time: 11:53; Links: Daly City - Mochipet

05. Black Mold - “No Dream Nation” (Snow Blindness Is Crystal Antz)
Start time: 15:45; Links: Flemish Eye - Black Mold

06. Kid606 - “Mash Up The Place” (Disciples Of Dread EP)
Start time: 18:34; Links: Tigerbeat6 - Kid606

07. Si Begg - “Entry Level” (24Bit Error Collection)
Start time: 23:01; Links: Si Begg

08. Magnum 38 - “Slave” (A Tribute To Grace Jones)
Start time: 28:22; Links: Tigerbass - Magnum 38

09. ill.gates & adamduke - “Closet Caveman” (Closet Caveman EP)
Start time: 32:28; Links: Muti Music - ill.gates & adamduke

10. Robot Koch - “Away From” (Death Star Droid)
Start time: 39:40; Links: Robots Don’t Sleep - Robot Koch

[Artwork: Keith Kawaii]

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