♫♪  Chocolate Grinder Mix 50 - Sticks ‘n’ Stones ‘n’ Psychoacoustic Spatialization

This mix begins as any self-respecting mix should: with a slice of fresh Venezuelan bass music. Saigon84 is but the latest in a string of tasty releases from Latin American club tool specialists Cocobass. The mix then swings by some of the most recent UK funky, courtesy of Tactics and the Marcus Nasty-touted Jook10. Then onto a bit of Akkord, who, thanks to their wise purchase of a pair of balaclavas, remain anonymous, enigmatic, mysterious, intriguing, deep, etc. Furthermore, SND’s latest release for PAN has just blown me socks off, as has the indescribable collection of sounds known as FAY.

Now, I’ve been a huge fan of Alex Gray ever since he started shooting out mixtapes like he doesn’t do anything else besides shoot out mixtapes (and the occasional bizarre collage). But this whole name-changing, game-changing DJ/PURPLE/IMAGE thing is just something else. I can almost hear Alex screaming from the rooftops: “Move over “knackered house;” you’re nowhere near knackered enough — I’ll show you knackered, you cheap scoundrels!” I then decided that Mpala Garoo sound incredible when massively sped up (here’s the original for fans of comparisons).

Finally, there’s a geezer playing on one of three remaining East German 60s synths designed for advert sound effects, and I couldn’t resist inserting some of Brandon Locher’s incredible sonic practical joke. To conclude, some psychoacoustic wizardry from Ben Vida. Feel the “expanded spatialization,” man.

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[00:00] Saigon84 - “Tigerlegs”
[03:01] Tactics - “No Games”
[05:51] Jook10 - “Minimal Dark”
[07:37] Akkord - “Nexus”
[09:39] SND - “15/16”
[13:21] FAY - “Use”
[15:40] DJ/PURPLE/IMAGE - “10”
[20:40] Mpala Garoo - “primiriirii”
[24:13] Frank Bretschneider - “Kippschwingungen part 2”
[24:43] Brandon Locher - “Conversations, 2012”
[27:56] Ben Vida - “zizzlerz”

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