♫♪  Chocolate Grinder Mix 58 - Bel Descanso

Three weeks ago, my girlfriend and I migrated up the West Coast from Southern California to Seattle, WA. The journey was rough. We cruised through the miserable Central Valley blasting the air conditioner to keep the Jeep from overheating, as we hauled hundreds of LPs and trash bags full of flannel shirts. We made it just fine though, settling in a run-down brick building, battling bed bugs, and bartering with fish vendors. It’s been 72 degrees every day. Wait, what? Rainy, kill-yourself Seattle is just like Coastal California? Yep. Not a drop of precipitation. The locals keep telling me this won’t stay for long. But as long as the sun keeps shining, I’m going to celebrate the heat with a mix full of hot jams.

Originally, I planned on making a mix that would transition from California musicians (DJ/PURPLE/IMAGE, aaronmaxwell) to artists from the Pacific Northwest (O L D M O M S, a i r s p o r t s, Panabrite), but that plan didn’t last long as I began to add music from Canada (Window), Europe (Jam City, Mediafired), Virginia (ahnnu), and who knows where (Sacred Tapestry). So it’s pretty much just a bunch of great jams; from vaporwave to rap to simple synthesizer magic, this is a mix that accompanied a transition in my life and just might make you consider making a transition yourself. Wow, I feel like I just wrote a horoscope.

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[00:00] Window - “Trye”
[03:21] Jam City - “Backseat Becomes A Zone While We Glide”
[04:47] O L D M O M S - “SOME PLACE ELSE”
[09:47] ahnnu - “nitemeeting”
[10:25] Fat Tony & Tom Cruz - “Bout It”
[12:23] Sacred Taestry - “リーミー”
[16:23] Strategy - “Interlude”
[17:59] public spreads the news - “you might just fall in love with that girl on the unicycle”
[20:23] /please/ - “why should I”
[21:59] Reality TV - “Tina and Corcks”
[22:28] Panabrite - “Garden Interlude”
[24:26] a i r s p o r t s - “b a b e l a n d”
[26:39] aaronmaxwell - “brain lapse”
[27:04] Mediafired - “Pixies”

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