Chocolate Grinder Mix 64
Half Broken

This casual segway tour focuses on some wonderfully frayed house music. Of particular note is the amazing diversity of destructive approaches emerging in the last few weeks. Gerry Read batters his music until it sounds like it’s been fed through this. Pete Swanson submerges everything but the slightest kick drum in smears of noise. Hnny augment their productions with tape-saturated bongo fills and bit-crushed hi-hats. Austin Cesear crams in grainy static and a deeply distorted vocal. Affie Yusuf just keeps it old school.

Elsewhere, there’s new batch from the ever exciting Senufo Editions label that includes recordings from a sonically enhanced halogen bulb, which is as disorientating as it sounds. There’s also some Dro Carey freebies that he somehow created between tossing out tapes on microlabels and lining up plenty of vinyl to release. If you aren’t exhausted, there’s also some gorgeous ambience, some choppin’ and screwin’, and the icy echoes of a former BBC broadcasting house. Git yer lugs round it, eh?

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[00:00] Gerry Read - “Evidence (Single Edit)”
[02:17] Hnny - “Trummor”
[02:42] Austin Cesear - “The Groove”
[05:24] Marcel Fengler - “Mosaique”
[08:30] Affie Yusuf - “I’m Free”
[09:49] Kane Ikin - “In The Arc”
[13:58] Hypno - “Kancourde”
[14:24] Chris Corsano - “The Attendant”
[17.01] Pete Swanson - “College View”
[21:12] Dro Carey - “Suade Automata”
[23:22] Pearson Sound - “Underdog”
[24:58] Ssaliva - “ADFH1”
[26:43] Minoru Sato - “Irregularity/Homogeneity: Emerging from the Perturbation Field”
[27:50] KRTS - “Fire”
[30:40] Robin The Fog - “Part 3 - Cold Space and Peeling Oxide”

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