♫♪  Chocolate Grinder Mix 66 - Positive Vibrations for the End of the World

I can see sunlight breaking through all of the dead and dying branches in that tree. It hums a warm tune and falls down between the cracks in the concrete where footsteps skid and thump like broken drum beats.

“Outta the street kid!” the neighbor yells at me, as he skids his car, filled with his family, around me. “We don’t have time for your prancing around!” The car disappears around the corner into the long line of cars trying to get out of town.

I don’t understand why they’re trying to get out of here, I think to myself. I thought it was the entire world that was ending, not just our city.

Looking up, I see that a large cloud has moved in. It has nearly covered up the entire sun. Only two solitary beams of light still shine through. I can’t tell if they reach the Earth or not.

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[00:00] AyGeeTee - “As Dreaming Angels Do”
[01:18] MiNdToUcHbeaTs - “MoNSooN”
[02:31] Tough Fuzz - “For What It’s Worth”
[02:58] aaronmaxwell - “highschool crush”
[04:05] ahnnu - “canopoli”
[05:13] Constrobuz - “Black Dirt”
[06:08] Space Ghost - “Sneaky/Sensual”
[08:27] DJ DJ TANNER - “The Forest Holds Its Breathe”
[09:25] Obey City - “Ronin Strut”
[11:40] Olsen Twinns - “Weird Lives”
[14:04] MONTGOMERY WORD - “taco tuesday”
[14:29] Kuhn - “We’re Gonna Make It”
[18:20] RAJA - “Vapor Trails (Jeans Wilder Redux)”
[20:28] Magical Mistakes - “Supermoon Crashed featuring Mutual Benefit”
[24:32] Monster Rally - “Blame”
[26:47] MONTGOMERY WORD - “drty clothes”
[27:37] AyGeeTee - “Island”

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