♫♪  Chocolate Grinder Mix 74 - Death’xit: Manifest Your Self

The death’xit of individual/personal creativity began when the Age of Information was defined by the Internet. Eventually, individual emotions and imagination will be smashed by how the Internet has defined them for everyone to understand. This is the death’xit of YOU. Remember during childhood when someone axed about something you totally didn’t know and you lied so grandiose that the truth didn’t matter? I challenge anyone reading this to do something “out-of-the-[Age of Information]” this FriFri. Create something and keep it rolling. Make then believe. Manifest your self.

[old man] OK OK OK OK [this mix is 25:10 in length] OK OK OK [hi] OK OK

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[00:00] Kyle Larson - “Horrific Crash into Fence NASCAR Daytona 2013”
[00:05] Seth Graham - “Vomit”
[00:08] Ural, Russia - “Chebarkul Meteorite”
[00:40] Mohammad - “Lapli Tero”
[02:35] Mystikal - “Mamma Cry Feat. Birdman”
[05:14] Dean Blunt and Inga Copeland - “Stalker 5 (future favela ipanema 2069 VIP mix)”
[07:07] Scissor Lock - “None”
[07:14] DJ Khaled - “Speaks (Part 1)”
[07:38] coolmemoryz - “H。D。ラヴァー”
[07:53] Danny Brown - “Witit”
[10:29] Dean Blunt - “Papi”
[12:44] clipping - “collect (skit)”
[13:40] Matthewdavid & Diva Dompe - “Live @SodaBar”
[15:49] Aki Onda - “A Day of Pilgrimage”
[16:02] Kieran Hebden - “The Track I’ve Been Playing That People Keep Asking About”
[17:42] Salva - “Get A Life”
[18:26] naps - “squai”
[18:27] 峯岸 みなみ - “からのメッセージ”
[18:27] No Glow - “My Life”
[18:59] The Game - “Cough Up A Lung”
[20:42] Super Bowl XLVII - “Halftime Show (intro)”
[20:49] SAINT PEPSI - “vanilla pepsi”
[22:13] Future - “Few Good Bitches”
[22:45] Abyssal - “Elegy of Ruin’
[22:45] Pope Benedict XVI - “Last Sunday Prayer Service”
[23:17] Gobby - “Calumet”

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