♫♪  Chocolate Grinder Mix 87 - (Summer) Time Perspective

Imagine you are on a desert island imagining you are in an office. LIFT FROM THE KNEES. The first time I ever took a plane I remember thinking, “Well, if this is the Truman Show and I’m the star, they must have really increased the budget since Jim Carey was in it.” TAKE SOME ME TIME. Chilled House Classics Volume 12, straight from the beach, out now in all good supermarkets. WE GOTTA MAKE THIS HOLIDAY PAY. You know, at least with Global Warming and shorter summers, we’ll see an increase in productivity. I HAVEN’T REALLY TOUCHED DOWN YET. “Are you tired? I’m tired.”

In that tiny valley between the peaking pressures of being told to RELAX and being told to KEEP BUSY, there is a well-trodden path (it’s a metaphor) of almost-sanity. For some reason, a lot of my summers seem to consists of landslides from both directions.

So here’s a collection of songs that tries to deliberately remedy the endless string of didactic “summer chill-out” mixes, and to offer a hyperactive, groundless solace for those that find summer collapsing into forced “life plans” and seasonal zero-hours labor contracts.

I have no doubt in my mind that it will, in some small way, contribute to the coming global revolution, and as such, it breezes across a number of continents in a way my feeble bodily self never could.

In sum, fuck relaxing and fuck keeping busy; they can’t exist without each other, and we can’t exist to endlessly run between the two.

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[00:00] Koreless - “No Sun”
[04:45] Margaret Antwood - “Cry Cry”
[09:55] CESRV – “Walk Away”
[13:00] Chancha Via Circuito - “Prima”
[16:29] Mo Kolours - “Tusk Dance”
[19:15] Owiny Sigoma Band - “Norbat Okelo”
[23:27] Cardopusher - “Donde Estan Las Mujeres”
[26:40] Chervoboy - “Uhodi”
[30:00] The Range - “my db limit”
[32:01] DJ Rashad & DJ Spinn - “Brighter Dayz”
[35:05] Lennie De Ice - “We Ir E (Om Unit edit)”
[37:37] Romare - “Your Love (You Give Me Fever)”

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