Chocolate Grinder Mix 89
Enter Night

And always at night, I find myself flicking too quick through the songs I’ve collected. Whether I’m gaming or writing, driving or walking, smoking, drinking, or sobering, I’m constantly clicking through. Late-night modern programming got me all, “OK,” as per usual. People be at me ALWAYS with their music, and I just front up now. Sometimes beats keep me awake, so I head for rap if I’m nodding to sleep more than the music. But the idea is I’d like to keep myself ever-changing. I can’t listen to the same music for too long, or I’ll just find something completely different to take its audible “place.” All of these musicians have spent a lot of time in my head outside of this mix and inside of their albums/EPs/mixtapes/etc. Et cetera: the internet is my destiny, America made me a machine, New York doesn’t look anyone in the eyes, mispronunciation provides heaps of humor, and ALWAYS send Grams jokes during the weekdays via email, so she strengthens her modern versatility, ‘cause if there were a tank, she could live in for the next 30 years… bring on any age post-100!

Every night minds race. Let’s pace it together this evening. You and you and you and [ad nauseum] and me. No champion. Just chill.

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[00:00] Mohammad - “Liberig Min” [excerpt]
[00:00] Jan Jelinek & Masayoshi Fujita - “Do You Know Otahiti” [excerpt]
[01:01] Ria Ekin - “WHO TO FOLLOW” [excerpt]
[01:11] The Microphones - “Interlude in Bloomington”
[01:28] Dean Blunt - “Felon”
[02:52] OFFICER DICK - “COPS B2” [excerpt]
[03:07] Seth Graham - “Glitter Feathers” [excerpt]
[03:30] Giant Claw - “Brat Curse” [excerpt]
[03:43] The Knife - “Oryx” [excerpt]
[03:45] Beat Detectives - “Freak Like That”
[05:04] White Poppy - “Daydreaming”
[06:37] Lil B - “Lite One” [excerpt]
[06:38] LX Sweat - “Bodyflirt” [excerpt]
[06:43] Inga Copeland - “b.m.w.”
[08:19] Dead Ghosts - “Summer With Phil” [excerpt]
[09:01] A Place to Bury Strangers - “I’m Wise” [excerpt]
[10:01] Crystal Stilts - “Star Crawl”
[11:44] Ariel Pink featuring Jorge Elbrecht - “Hang on to Life” [excerpt]
[12:04] Mykki Blanco - “Vienna” [excerpt]
[12:08] PLVS VLTRA - “Hotpocket”
[13:22] DJ Clap - “Color” [excerpt]
[13:24] Free Weed - “I’m a Mermaid”
[14:36] Knxwledge - “Gttnglte_” [excerpt]
[14:37] Marie Davidson - “Le lieu où vous voulez vous rendre”
[15:49] MEGA MASTER - “Dilophosaurus Paddock” [excerpt]
[15:50] Tonstartssbandht - “Lidga” [excerpt]
[16:44] Knxwledge - “DJ’s&MC’s_” [excerpt]
[16:49] Savage Young Taterbug - “The Paperstud”
[19:17] Russian Tsarlag - “Become Solid” [excerpt]
[20:14] Boy Friend - “Labyrinth”
[22:05] Cream Juice - “Time After Time”
[22:44] D/P/I - “FUK THE POLICE” [excerpt]
[23:17] Saint Pepsi - “Hit Vibes”

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