♫♪  Chocolate Grinder Mix 98 - The New Fatali$m

This mix seeks to trace the language of the most universal particle, that one from which we derive our human souls in retrospect and follow around the globe in relentless pursuit, coaxing it out from the ether with love poems, devotionals, and prayer. Hail: the new fatalism with its totem, the stack, the band; with its diety, the gwop; with its native tongue of guapenese. First, a few words from our poets:

“Money’s universal/ That’s the only language.”
–Pusha T

“I’m in love with the gwop.”
–Chief Keef

“We all slaves to corporations.”
–Kanye West

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[00:00] Emptyset - “Origin”
[00:24] James Ferraro - “Intro”
[01:04] Lil Durk - “Don’t Understand Me”
[04:19] Lil Herb - “4 Minutes Of Hell”
[07:35] RondoNumbaNine - “Hang Wit Me”
[10:40] Night Park - “DETECTIVE”
[12:00] BONES - “JonathanTaylorThomas”
[14:02] Fat Trel - “Niggaz Dying”
[16:35] Emptyset - “Origin”
[18:57] Traxman - “Killing Fields”
[22:33] Capo - “Come Wit Dis”
[24:19] Money Don’t Sleep (Rizzla + Blk.Adonis Remix) - “Lisa Hyper”
[26:50] My Money ft. Lil Chris - “I.L WIll”
[27:35] Ahnnu - “Violator”
[28:25] The Holy Karon - “Life’s Grim”
[30:35] Traxman - “Killing Fields”
[31:18] Sicko Mobb f- Lil Durk - “Maserati”
[34:17] Chief Keef - “In Love With The Gwop”
[36:05] Mavado - “Box Of Money”
[36:45] Ahnnu - “Violator”
[37:35] James Ferraro - “Intro”

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