♫♪  Guest Mix: Ba Da Bing & Northern Spy - SXSW 2014 Showcase Mix

Last year, Tiny Mix Tapes had the pleasure of throwing a big party with Northern Spy at SXSW called Unisex Earplug. This year, TMT’s sitting this one out due to a torn ACL, but Northern Spy’s back in Austin once again to fight the good fight, this time putting on an official SXSW showcase with like-minded Brooklyn label, Ba Da Bing. Their showcase features a tasty experimental-/psych-leaning lineup of Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger (Sean Lennon & Charlotte Kemp Muhl), DVA, NYMPH, Slothrust, Cloud Becomes Your Hand, and Cross Record. Watch the trailer for the “best showcase if you just wanna be held” here, and then RSVP to the whole shebang here.

In anticipation for the showcase, we’ve asked both Northern Spy and Ba Da Bing to create guest mixes. And they did! Check them out below, and if you’re out at the clusterfuck that is SXSW 2014, then check out their showcase this Friday at Palm Door.

Ba Da Bing:

[00:00] Arnold Dreyblatt & the Orchestra of Excited Strings - Group Velocity
[04:00] Helado Negro - “Mamember”
[11:06] Heaven’s Gate - “I’m Forgetting”
[13:30] Slothrust - “Magnets Pt. 2”
[18:18] Fall of Saigon - “The End” [The Doors]
[27:25] Cross Record - “Cups In The Sink”
[32:05] Phurpa - “Emanating the Retinue of the Deity”
[38:10] Circuit Des Yeux - “My Name is Rune”
[43:12] Cüneyt Sepetçi & Orchestra Dolapdere - “Karsimila”

Northern Spy:

Since December, Northern Spy has been booking a weekly series (Thursdays!) at Trans-Pecos, a performance space in Ridgewood, Queens. To highlight the incredible bands that have graced the non-stage, we put together a lengthy mix. Many of these bands are local Brooklyn/Queens/NY, a few are from out of town, all deserve your attention.

[00:00] Bob Bellerue & Philip White - “Live at Trans-Pecos 2/27/2014”
[16:44] Gnaw - “Worm”
[21:22] Invisible Things - “Rockets”
[27:38] Helado Negro - “Lechuguilla,Bassapella”
[31:41] Dva - “Durango”
[34:40] The Kinematics - “Asterism”
[39:12] Ancient Ocean - “Diamante”
[46:03] The Dreebs - “Baby Shower”
[49:36] Josephine Foster and the Supposed - “(You Are Worth) A Million Dollars”
[56:16] Sam Kulik - “Bellarthur an Albino”
[51:57] Alien Whale - “5 Oz. To A Gram Exchange Rate”
[59:56] Platinum Vision - “Pinot Grigio”
[60:02] Horse Lords - “Wildcat Strike”
[78:18] Blood Warrior - “Snake Seer”
[81:24] Andrew Barker Trio - “Inner Vortex”
[85:21] Marry Lattimore & Jeff Zeigler - “White Balooon”
[88:29] Deblase/Fisher/Millions “No Mind”
[97:54] Notekillers - “Braindance ‘Splosion”
[105:11] Sunshine Soldier - “Liek (excerpt)”
[107:10] Peter Kerlin Octet - “Bulbs”
[113:00] A.M. Gems - “Married Girl”

• Ba Da Bing: http://www.badabingrecords.com
• Northern Spy: http://northernspyrecords.com

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