♫♪  Guest Mix: Bored Lord - URL IRL

“I always start from scratch. I open up Ableton with no preset format and work from the bottom up. It always feels more natural that way.”

Bored Lord released his debut album last summer, Omens and Sigils, on Sturm and Klang Records. It was a woozy record, full of human error and emo synth hooks. It reflected the malaise of living in a Southern metropolis, where everyone is up to no good and growlers, head shops, and barbecue joints are to be found on most street corners. Liquor stores, too.

“My songs derive from little melodies that find their way looping in my head. It’s always somewhere inconvenient when I’m inspired. I’m in the shower or out and about, on the way home. I have to rush to my laptop and try to capture what I have.”

The Lord himself moonlights as 1/4 of Rare Nudes, a label that specializes in post-internet fetishism and booty-shaking beats of of all colors. This particular mix he crafted for us highlights some of the artists on the Rare Nudes roster. In his own words:

This mix is a digitally and organically programmed uniform resource locator in real life. The 60 minute result is formulated by combining 130bpm algorithms produced almost entirely by members and associates of Rare Nnudes. To enhance your listening experience, please turn off all communication devices.

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[00:00] elsewhere - “14”
[00:37] minivan_markus x Bored Lord - “Splashdown”
[04:40] Bored Lord - “Love”
[07:08] DJ rubenstuddard69 - “Work”
[10:05] Bored Lord- “Very Big Song”
[13:02] DRIPMOB - “Ripoff”
[15:01] A55 Conducta - “Putcha Back in2 It”
[18:13] bastiengoat - “prvt”
[19:41] wyatt black x Bored Lord - “touch the i”
[22:09] Bored Lord x A55 Conducta - “Fashion Show”
[25:06] bonerbarf - “OXYNAL PLEXUS”
[27:05] ?????? - ??????
[28:33] cvlt45 - “-extra”
[31:38] Krimslo x Wallace - “Wii in The Building”
[33:50] A55 Conducta - “Ohhhh (DJ_rubenstuddard69 Remix)”
[36:48] Diana Fire - “They Used to Make Popsicles”
[38:46] bastiengoat - “Tellumifu”
[40:14] cvlt45- “Pray 4 The Club”
[45:10] Ducky - “U Don’t Have 2 (JAVASCRIPT Remix)”
[47:08] wyatt black - “waves // (edit)”
[48:22] Bored Lord x wyatt black - “whatyawant”
[50:35] The Sidewayz ft. Lauren Laux - “Holy Water”
[53:33] JayveeThePrince - “venusXmars”
[56:29] HEAVY HAND - “favorite things [i like that]”
[59:12] pl a i n t e x t - “otw to eleanor’s”

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