♫♪  Guest Mix: Kai Whiston - Bitterroot

Not to be too much of a hypeman, but let me explain to you how dope this Kai Whiston mix is. It’s so dope that:

  • The first time I played it on my way to work, I blew through a stop sign and got pulled over by Garden City Police;
  • When the copper asked if my license had “anything outstanding on it,” I was tempted to respond, “Just your blood, pig,” then roll over his foot and take his partner on a high-speed chase through nearby school zones and shopping districts;
  • I got out of the ticket, possibly because the cop was a big fan of unreleased death grips;
  • Kai’s drop at the beginning makes me feel kind of famous, maybe the same way he felt hearing Mary-Anne Hobbes talk about him on BBC6 Recommends; and
  • It should come with a Surgeon General’s Warning that says, “Be Advised: This Guest Mix is so dope, it may melt your face like a shot of Krokodil to the eye socket.”

Kai Whiston’s debut EP called Houndstooth will be out sometime soon on TAR. Until then, chew this Bitterroot in earnest.

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[00:00] xeno_ - i-O u
[00:24] Noisia - Program (AWE Bootleg)
[01:10] Kai Whiston - Plead & Run (Flown Remix)
[01:20] Death Grips - Interview 2016 Instrumental #2 (Unreleased)
[03:45] Maxsta - No Retreat (Kai Whiston Remix)
[05:30] Maxsta - Mare Street Dick Head (Kai Whiston Remix)
[08:04] Slugabed - Badman
[11:40] Arca - Is This Love
[13:24] xeno_ - Carcinoma
[14:00] y y y - aaa
[17:05] Kid Simpl - Barrier (SHALT Remix)
[21:00] Joseph Petersen - Dixie Boy
[24:15] Brood Ma - Thopas
[26:40] Le Motel - Jeux D’Eau
[29:20] Kai Whiston - Drag Hunt (Reduced to Clear Version)

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