♫♪  Guest Mix: Ravioli Me Away - The Inevitable Mix

Did you know it costs $20 to become a Pastafarian minister? Yep, even satirical anti-religions are cashing in on humankind’s apparently insatiable appetite for overt, CAPS LOCK irony.

In such a world, it becomes easy to see why a band like Ravioli Me Away can cause such frothing explosions of superlative sincerity. For all their jesting and humor, this lot make music that dissipates ironic smirking in a bombardment of anger and satire, that burning pissed-off kind of satire that’s easy to forget after one too many “Mock The Week”-style TV re-runs (Americans, imagine a score of sub-par Jon Stewarts shouting over each other in carefully selected regional UK accents).

Consequently, it’s no surprise that when Ravioili Me Away made us a Chocolate Grinder Mix just before embarking on their first European tour, they did so with a similarly enjoyable mix of bleakness and hilarity. Swans into Bronski Beat, the half-forgotten post-punk clattering of Crispy Ambulance sliding into Fad Gadget’s shiny alloy of industrial drill sounds and crooning synth-pop; there’s a lot to enjoy here.

And if you do enjoy it, and you happen to live in Europe, you should make it a goal to see Ravioli Me Away live. They just plowed through the United (?!) Kingdom and Germany on their “Inevitable Tour.”

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[00:00] Swans - “Time Is Money (Bastard)”
[06:19] Bronski Beat - “Smalltown Boy”
[10:16] Evelyn Smith - “Lost In Love”
[15:07] Crispy Ambulance - “Deaf”
[19:06] Fad Gadget - “Collapsing New People”
[28:37] Cabaret Voltaire - “Don’t Argue”

• Ravioli Me Away: http://raviolimeaway.co.uk
• Good Job Records: http://www.goodjobrecords.com

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