♫♪  Guest Mix: Schwarz - No Fucks

Photo courtesy of Justin Cole Smith

Schwarz: man, myth, club legend. Dig through his SoundCloud archives and you’ll find many spirited tracks, remixes, and all sorts of loose sonic ragers. Schwarz is a producer/hype man/motivational speaker who crafts positive club experiences for everyone, and his music has been a guiding light in some seriously dark times, ya feel me?? The No Fucks mix, streaming below, features tracks from Schwarz’s Top 40 Bootlegs Vol. II compilation (out now), as well as his debut EP, Everyday is a Winding Road, which is out September 2. It’s all fantastic party fodder, and if you’re not on board the Schwarz train, then what are you waiting for? This is maybe the rawest mix ever to drop in the Chocolate Grinder!

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[00:00] KLF- “Alone Again With The Dawn Coming Up”
[00:10] Greydolf- “Uu Only”
[00:19] Chance the Rapper- “All We Got ft. Kanye West (Schwarz Remix)”
[02:03] Young Thug & Bloody Jay- “No Fucks (Schwarz Remix)”
[04:10] Skepta- “Man (Schwarz Remix)”
[05:23] Schwarz- “I Want More (Gimme $$$) Ft. Kreayshawn”
[06:48] Schwarz- “Shut It Down Ft. Ecelectic”
[08:42] Munchi- “Naffi back”
[09:52] A Tribe Called Quest- “Find A Way (Scottie B. Remix)”
[12:33] CZ- “Moon Beam”
[14:05] Schwarz- “Do Ya Dirty Dance Ft. TT The Artist”
[16:13] Lil Uzi Vert- “Safe House // KW Giff- Y’all Ain’d Safe (Schwarz Remix)”
[18:05] Selena Gomez- “hand to Myself (Schwarz Remix)”
[20:41] Crystal Waters- “Gypsy Woman (Schwarz Remix)”
[21:49] Schwarz- “Everyday Is A Winding Road”
[22:23 ] Schwarz- “SISSA Beat”
[23:00] 333 Boyz- “carz-n-girlz-fix”
[23:59] Unknown
[25:28] Yoshi- “Run Up”
[26:06] Bugz- “In My Palm”
[27:14] DJ Problem- “Get Dick Anytime I Want”
[28:20] Princess Nokia- “Tomboy (Schwarz Remix)”
[30:06] Snappy Jit- “Snap on the Chat (DJ BD Shawny Remix)”
[31:31] DJ Flex X Carvell- “Caribbean Challenge”
[32:58] DJ DB Shawny- “RESPEK”
[33:52] Skrillex- “Puppy”
[34:50] Soulja Boy- “Kiss Me Thru The Phone Ft. Sammie & Pitbull (Schwarz Remix)”
[37:08] Fabolous Ft Drake & The Dream- “Throw it In The Bag (Remix) (Schwarz Remix)”
[38:30] Kilbourne- “x Gauze”
[39:59] Burzum- “Hermodr a Helferd (Hermond on a Journey to Hell)”
[41:03] Lil Jon & The Eastside Boyz - “Get Low ft. Ying Yang Twins (Schwarz Remix)”
[45:58] Red Hot Chili Peppers- “Give It Away (Schwarz Remix)”

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