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Over the course of just over a year, SPF420 has flourished from a small vaporwave-heavy online community to a bona fide e-venue. It has mostly played host to a wide variety of weirdo electronic-based artists, such as Vektroid, coolmemoryz, SAINT PEPSI, Transmuteo, DJ Paypal, Meishi Smile, and Choongum, its overall aesthetic influenced variously by everything from trap, house, and footwork, to pop, vaporwave, ambient, and beyond. But SPF420’s reach keeps expanding, having done several high-profile events, like a Japanese footwork edition (with Paisley Parks, Foodman, and Giant Claw) and other installments with the likes of Traxman, DJ Earl, and, most recently, Ryan Hemsworth.

We invited SPF420 to make a guest mix for us, which comes courtesy of co-organizers Stress (master of ceremonies and kush) and Chaz Allen (visual wizard who also goes by Metallic Ghosts, Sugar C, and more). They included this special message with their mix:

“Because we specialize in virtual parties, we wanted to compile a mix of some of our favorite virtual party-startin trax. With some *lower-fi* rare gems such as F R E E B A S E’s ‘Jamaican Weed’ and Temporary Suicide’s ‘LACINOJ,’ some old SPF standbys like Taquwami’s ‘vvi+h you,’ Window’s ‘Ki,’ and Ryan Hemsworth’s outstanding Flocka-vapor mashtrap. There’s also some newer, hot hot jams from TEKLIFE’s Deejay Earl, Spanish producer Alizzz, and young gun Say Ikko. Plus, a world premiere from Sugar C and Contact Lens. Any night can be SPF420 now with this essential, fuckboy-free dance party mix!! Type 420 in the chat if ur turnt up 4 this shittttt!!!!!!!!!!”

Stream below, and subscribe to our podcast here.

[00:06] HD-ROM - “SPF420 Theme”
[01:19] Temporary Suicide - “LACINOJ”
[03:07] Freebase - “Jamaican Weed”
[04:45] Sugar C - “Candy To Dollar (prod. Contact Lens)”
[06:47] TV Nicks - “Sony”
[08:20] Deejay Earl x Heavee D - “We Juss Smokin”
[09:06] Taquwami - “vvi+h You”
[11:50] Window - “Ki”
[15:49] Ryan Hemsworth - “Bill Russell” (情報デスクVIRTUAL Mix)
[17:48] Alizzz - “In Chains”
[19:17] Say Ikko - “Forever”
[22:02] DJ Rashad - “Kush Ain’t Loud” / Brian Eno - “An Ending (Ascent)”

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