♫♪  Tabs Out: Laser Focus #5 - Mistake By The Lake

Tabs Out is an all-cassette podcast that’s been documenting the prolific tape underground with joyful obsession and humorous expertise since 2012. Tiny Mix Tapes has teamed with Tabs Out for a show called Laser Focus, in which tape aficionados/fetishists Mike Haley, Dave Doyen, and Joe B hone in on a specific label or artist. Check out the archive here.

With heavy hometown pride, Mistake By The Lake has been a Cleveland noise staple for over seven years now. Their releases have mainly been by local heads like Skin Graft, Tusco Terror, Rot Ton Bone, and Relentless Corpse and nearby Midwestern jammers like Wolf Eyes and Andrew Coltrane. We caught up with label head Andrew Kirschner and talked about MBTL’s early days, his mind/body/soul hiatus from the imprint, and his recent return to the dedicated pumping out of bleak, rust belt (and now worldwide) sounds. Find out where the label is headed, if Kirschner needs to poop in a bag for the rest of his life, and how he ruins everyone’s chill times at the Hanson Records store. Plus some tapes!

- Andrew Kirschner from split C20 w/ Oneohtrix Point Never (2008)
- Oneohtrix Point Never from split C20 w/ Andrew Kirschner (2008)
- David Russell from Catholic Guilt C20 (2010)
- Reluctance from Weary Souls On Troubled Soil C30 (2013)
- Aaron Dilloway from all of them spies C30 (2013)
- Moltar from Oval Encounters C40 (2014)

Mistake By The Lake tapes

Artwork for Reluctance’s “Weary Souls on Troubled Soil”

Aaron Dilloway’s 100-edition cassette, “all of them spies”

Cover art for “Ego” by Thomas Gerendas

Blackfire’s one-sided 10-inch lathe record “Too Late”

• Mistake By The Lake (Bandcamp): http://mistakebythelake.bandcamp.com
• Mistake By The Lake (shop): http://www.mistakebythelake.bigcartel.com
• Tabs Out: http://www.tabsout.com

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