♫♪  Abdala - Outdated Method of Nothing

I’m not a musician thus I would and will not discuss the reason for it’s creation, but I am someone who has changed cities, left family and friends to hack paths away from previous incarnations of whatever Gainesville, Florida me was. Everything comes to an end point, fruition, a peak. Numerologically, neurologically, a grade school hobby of believing state quarters will one day be worth a fortune if kept neatly in a cardboard display, literally hiking a mountain. There’s nothing unusual about any of this though: peaks are colder than the base which you began (that shit isn’t a metaphor, six thousand feet above sea level sucks, man). What I’m trying to say is getting stuck is natural and what gets you out tends to mean a lot internally.

So, Abdala, who is loved dearly here at TMT, has a new album out right now. Go check it out. Coming home from work every day, Abdala sat down and connected with one (one) small keyboard playing for hours on end. Through recording, rerecording, and editing some parts, we get Outdated Method of Nothing whose layers veer so much further from the singularity of a sole auxiliary cord. Naming an album Outdate Method of Nothing while using one holy synthesizer is a venture not often spread over a hour and eleven minutes, but reading back through Abdala’s discography it’s vital to point out the percussion-based movements throughout. The transitional for those who came from nothing saw a step away from reliance, towards exercises independent from one another. It’s absurd to call Outdated Method of Nothing a peak – only a mark away from what anyone, Abdala included, could claim habitual.

• Abdala: https://soundcloud.com/abdalab

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