♫♪  About a Million - “Caught Up”

Are you sad like me? Well take this for a scroll.* It’s the second track to be released off of the soon-to-be-released album Look For Me When You Get Bored by Pennsylvania’s About a Million (which I’m told is Anthony Leitch playing music with his friends and family, that’s pretty cool!).

“Caught Up” is a steady-blooming ballad of defeat. When I hear it though I can’t help but feel a little light peak through. Maybe what I’m hearing is how its lo-fi-yet-lush production accompanies its hopelessness (“Caught up in this world/ Set up for a letdown”) to make a track embedded with the dual tragicomedy of humanity (all our culture and all our value is both everything and nothing, and worst of all we’re all in it together. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯). The album drops Friday, June 2nd and can be preordered through Already Dead here. I love it!

*”Taking this for a scroll” is what we at TMT call it when you open a Soundcloud link in a new tab and continue watching the feed pass you by beyond your tear-glazed eyes while you well up thinking about how dismal this life can be. Enjoy!

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