Adderall Canyonly
“Heaven’s Bells Have Called Mother Home”

I found a pretty good spot to be listening to this Adderall Canyonly track. (I mean, besides the place you’re about to hear it, which is here, down below, first, because that matters.) That spot is his website. You can just push play at the top and scroll down for a while through the museum of GIFs. But do it slow. It’s about seeing those repetitions happening, those cycles spinning around themselves in a loop of visible time. But what’s cool is that the time, despite being locked within itself, is also moving in an actual direction. And that direction is up — an appropriate trajectory, especially once the faux violins make their entrance to give this mini-suite just a little more sweetness, helping to raise this one up on downtempo high.

Yeah, play it here, and then play it again there, and then actually just let it keep playing, because this also works for Canyonly’s older songs too (which run through previous tape releases, with the likes of Under the Spire, Tranquility Tapes, and Rubber City Noise). So, potentially, you could be scrolling down like this for a very long time, but that might not be so bad, right?

And then, finally, play it back over here again and make sure you know the details: that the track above is from Between the Rays Lies Fear but also Joy, which is the 10th tape release from Jehu & Chinaman to date, available in an edition of 40.

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