♫♪  Air Max ‘97 - Chasm (Iglooghost Remix)

In October, The Astral Plane dropped the amazing club compilation Heterotopia, featuring tracks ranging from grimey to voguey that are all attempting to enact a utopia, resulting in a collection that is diverse in palette (everything from Lady Gaga samples to a track made of sex moans and pool whistles) but satisfyingly cohesive. The sounds, even the metallic, gritty ones, are unmistakenly heavenly.

The Astral Plane is dropping their Heterotopia Remixes collection February 3 (that’s TOMORROW) and TMT is lucky enough to premiere perhaps the weirdest track, Iglooghost’s remix of Air Max ‘97’s “Chasm.” The most PC Music influenced of any of the tracks, the UK producer (who bills most of their music as “cereal hop”) takes the Aussie producer’s crystalline, bassy “Chasm” and changes it drastically, adding some hip hop yells, a GFOTY sounding vocal sample, and tons of sounds that never repeat. At first, It seems as if this interest in dissimilarity is not related to Air Max ‘97’s interest in sameness, but both versions share this crystalline structure, a bunch of tiny parts making a beautiful, jagged whole. Iglooghost’s might be a little more multicolored, but both mixes are still crystal, entacting two wildly different, equally appealing utopias.

Get the Heterotopia Remixes via The Astral Plane’s Bandcamp tomorrow!

• Iglooghost: https://soundcloud.com/iglooghost
• Air Max 97: https://soundcloud.com/airmax97
• The Astral Plane: https://astralplanerecordings.bandcamp.com

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