♫♪  American Cream Band - “The Aficionado,” “The Hitchhiker,” & “The Vampire”

Coming home late on the subway is mad-manic, yo; CUT TO: the meltdown mayhem of MJMJ Records’ release, Live 2015 - 2016 by American Cream Band (hosted by “mastermind” Nathan Nelson) will vibe sweat off your brow in any situation. Based in Minneapolis, the American Cream Band gathers musicians from all walks of improv, performing bi-monthly, whether it be a “nine piece percussive driven afro-kraut odyssey, three piece synth / saxophone drones, or just straight up free jazz.” But we only get a taste on Bandcamp before receiving the REEL deal (unless you grip the digitals), by-way of “The Aficionado,” “The Hitchhiker,” and “The Vampire.”

Starting with “The Aficionado,” American Cream Band levels a playing field on high and low grounds, marked by a rhythm section that cooks up a steady beat that helps those working the solo improv atomsphere generate a storm cloud of audible emotions. Following up with “The Hitchhiker,” American Cream Band shows their diversity by patiently synthesizing, steady drumming, and billowing sax in a calamity of twists and turns only the deep listeners can focus in on. Finally, American Cream Band sucks blood in “The Vampire” by vocalizing the feel of what exactly the musicians are conveying through their instruments, almost as if the collective sound were a complete cinematic staging one can visualize upon closing their eyes and listening for longer than 5 minutes (or four minutes and 49 seconds, to be exact).

So locate Live 2015 - 2016 by American Cream Band on the new MJMJ Batch, and snoop the other titles while you’re there. In the mean time, flex the three tracks below, and dab them forehead beads:

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