♫♪  Annabel Allum - “Beat the Birds”

Photo: Lieven Bulckens

Quote-pulling is one of the cheapest and most hackneyed devices known to writers. Whether they are relevant or not, pull quotes often come off weak as water. With yours truly being among the cheapest and most hackneyed writers in “the biz,” and with today being Robbie Burns Day, let’s lose ourselves in a Burns quote for shits and giggs: “There is no such uncertainty as a sure thing.”

Yeah possibly, but sometimes “a sure thing” really IS the most certain thing. For example, calling acerbic nerve wracker Annabel Allum a “sure thing” is tantamount to saying that the “sun will rise tomorrow.” Having released the much-loved All That For What EP, having supported Beth Ditto in Europe recently, and having everyone under the sun clamoring for her endorsement attention, Allum is as sure a thing as you can count on in this age of uncertainty.

Her peripherals are good, but her music is even better, and we’ve got her first 2018 proof to prove it. Featuring a stumbling jab-cross-uppercut rhythm and her trademark biting lyrics, “Beat the Birds” is officially out tomorrow on Killing Moon, but we have the premiere of it for you good folks TODAY! Prep those ears and click the link below, because, as Robbie Burns once said, “Suspense is worse than disappointment.”

Annabel Allum live action:

02.02.18 - Leicester, UK - The Soundhouse
02.03.18 - Berlin, Germany - Monarch
02.04.18 - Dusseldorf, Germany - The Tube
02.06.18 - London, UK - Camden Assembly

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