♫♪  Aquarelle - “Open Absence pt. 1”

A video from the gorgeous new Aquarelle LP, Leave Corners, created by the man, the myth, the legend…Mr. Billy Gomberg himself? Yes, please. In fact, I’ll use this platform to call for a full album video, provided Mr. Gomberg has the time (check my interview with him from earlier this year). Debacle Records dropped Leave Corners last week, and my oh my is it ever a stunner. It’s been a long four years since Ryan Potts put out his last LP under this moniker, but it’s worth the wait. Want to find out for yourself? Head over to the Debacle Bandcamp and consider dropping a little coin on this beautifully packaged collection. While you’re at it, the other three Debacle releases from 2k17 are just as sick, so maybe throw a little extra skrill at the discounted bundle?

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