♫♪  Aquaserge - “Les Zouzes”

Welcome to THE FUTURE. In THE FUTURE, everything is pretty easy-going. All the people are the same race and the same color and same religion and enjoy the same socio-economic status. Just like in most cartoons, everything feels funnily “retro” here, because the farther you go into the future, the most stuff from THE PAST there is to be nostalgic for.

In THE FUTURE, all pop music is French space-pop/psych music, because it’s the perfect blend of “vintage” musics such as psych, jazz, noise, electronica, hip-hop, avant garde stuff, and film soundtracks. This great music is piped into every cafe, Doctor’s office, robot-doctor’s office, human-transportation-tube loading platform, etc. Most humans particularly dig on a band called Aquaserge that was originally formed back in 2005 by three human friends in the south-western French city of Toulouse who each went on to work with bands such as Tame Impala, Stereolab, and Melody’s Echo Chamber.

In THE FUTURE, most people particularly dig on an EP called Guerre, which originally came out back on September 16, 2016 on the Crammed Discs label. Folks fell in love with a slithering, detatched, odd time-signature slice of organ and flute-propelled tropicalia called Les Zouzes, the kitchy, throw-back, black-and-white video for which first premiered on various “websites” from that era (this was back when computers served mankind and not the other way around) in June of that same fateful year.

After they watched it, practically everyone on earth with the means pre-ordered the EP and just… sort of “waited” for it to arrive. (This was back when people still had to “wait for things to happen.”) In the mean time, they watched the video again and again, dreaming of a FUTURE where everything could be just as precise and easy-going as French space-pop/psych music is.

Guerre EP tracklisting:

01. Les zouzes
02. Les vacances
03. Les oiseaux
04. Les plus beaux jours

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