♫♪  Ben Seretan - “Cottonwood Tree”

Let’s just call it like IT is. Writing about Ben Seretan’s music in the modern North American music market, such as what TMT covers, is —[RE] let’s say— out-dated. *shrug emoji* though because he won’t stop. You can’t stop Deakin from bringing you back to those golden years, or hardvapour. So why not recognize the memories, right? Like, the way Ben Seretan takes music and flips it into a mental-montage seems so harmless: just barely marketable, but, “Is he shredding by the end of ‘Cottonwood Tree’ or entirely through it?” Yes!

Let’s just call it “Almost summer out.” And you’re right fucking there, homie. Pals. Music. Water. Vibes. Shorts. Hats. SPF. Roof top. Sunset. Greenery. Everything. Taste the fun. Explore everyone. Become it all. The Phosphorescent song, “When We Fall” is playing, 15 minutes away from home on your bike in the rain and your headphones at MAX levels, you just met an eternal partner, and just knowing you’ll see this entity again rings through you like an ecstatic joy.

Let’s just call the embodiment of Ben Seretan if Shannon Hoon never did coke & eventually made an album in 2016. Mostly, I want Ben Seretan to be my best friend. The video for “Cottonwood Tree” doesn’t give a fuck. It’s so PG-Punk. Be PG-Punk too this June 24 by-way of Ben’s newest album Bowl of Plums, being released through his label Whatever’s Clever, Love Boat Records & Buttons (EURO), and on cassette (my personal fav) via Hope for the Tape Deck.

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