♫♪  bentcousin - “DIZZY”

There’s no doubt “DIZZY” by bentcousin resonates with me. Like, not only have I published five/six (???) posts JUST today in Chocolate Grinder, but at the same time, I’ve made about a dozen website at my full-time job, edited all the Chocolate Grinder post published today, and am finishing off my Jono Mi Lo interview within the next two hours so I can get started on my The Garment District interview transcription. Tonight, Savannah and I are hanging out with Landon. Tomorrow is Samuel Diamond’s girl’s graduation. Tomorrow night is Miles’ birthday at the Brooklyn Bizarre. Sunday: working at the beach. To be honest, I only wish “DIZZY” was a little bit longer.

Not too far from the new Sunny Day in Glasgow album sound, bentcousin beings an interesting mellow-rock blend of pop and summer-feels to “DIZZY.” And as I said, it may be a bit short, but I think I take that back, ‘cause if it was any longer, it’d be a sun burner. ;) As I am also unfamiliar with bentcousin, I DO dig the dude rapping in the middle too. I mean, the chorus and verse vocals are wonderful, but this rap TOTALLY takes me back to those Alt Rock tracks where suddenly in the middle it’s all rhyming fast. Also went to Atlantic City two weekends ago with Savannah, and am thinking “DIZZY” will be my post-nostalgic remembrance of walking around that boardwalk.

BOTTOM LINE: bentcousin brings those shaded feels that help you remember all the good times in the summer, so seek em out on Team Love Records and be the fun you want everywhere!

• bentcousin: http://bentcousin.bandcamp.com
• Team Love Records: http://www.team-love.com

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