♫♪  Big French - “In The Morning of the World”

I wonder how many Chocolate Grinder posts I’ve written about Monday. Like, writing about Monday totally bashes the blues out my brain, but I imagine, or at least whimsically hope, that the same effect happens to readers through the music I’m posting. This Monday, Tiny Mix Tapes is proud to premiere Big French’s video “In The Morning of the World.” From New York weirdo Quentin Moore, “In The Morning of the World” gives that slow-motion, on-and-off, softy-burnt feel, from light acoustic guitars, to buds and birds, backward-hat vocals, doing the laundry, and gradual harsh-fades. Reflections of reality in song and string, old and new, cream drops and head nods. What ISN’T going on here (both visually and audibly)? It tenses, as Monday mornings do. There’s heartache. Carpets and shadows and a dog maybe named May-Bee. “In The Morning of the World” is out in the open, yet confined to mirrored images. Then someone brings home the milk, and it all seems to turn out just right via closing-time/afternoon and a ripping solo.

The “In The Morning of the World” video was shot by Weston Currie. The track is from the new Big French LP Downtown Runnin on Wharf Cat Records, out tomorrow July 23. Eighteen tracks of pure mania, with members of Blanche Blanche Blanche and The Great Valley for supreme WOWS in listening.

• Big French: http://bigfrench.bandcamp.com
• Wharf Cat Records: http://wharfcatrecords.com

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