♫♪  BLYPKEN - “Transfigure”

Every bad dealer on the lot is selling cadillac for currency while the nutrient deficient dandelions grow between the cracks and towards petfrified plastic bags. This is the sort of thing they used to try to send down the tracks into the Yucca Mountain. Now they let it wander around the lot and call it slapstick. I call it a bad deal. I won’t trade nothing for nothing, no stun guns, poker chips, bent rabbit ears, gold pan plastics, or bullet holes. But I will let my ass sink into the earth through the bullet holes just to see what it’s all about.

I’m pulling another double again. As soon as I unlock that door another crime will occur. I know it. I can’t see who’s out there but I know they are gearing up for some action. The only light comes through the bullet holes in the plexi-glass.

I know who fired the first shot. And I have the tape to prove it. Hours and hours of tape. I’ll show it to you, the precise moment of transfiguration, once I locate it. My co-worker is now asleep in the utility closet. Earlier, he rolled a few spools down the gutter. Hopefully that magic moment isn’t lost forever. I’ll take my time going through what’s left, officer.

There are some other clues around. Maybe you can use them. My co-worker left a strange note about Judas in the front pocket of my backpack. He placed words like “betrayal” and “travel” in quotations; no capital letters. Legible but odd and unsettling. Another double; weird how the flipside of metamorphosis looks like the mirror image of yesterday. I think I’m seeing things.

Last night, I followed the spool like it was a kite string to Hades; then I wandered around the sewer system for awhile, a few hours at least, wondering to myself, “What else goes down the drain?” My driver’s license, for one.

“What else?” I can’t think of what else, other than my driver’s license, and the wallet that housed it. I’m not the imaginative type. See, I’m more grounded than that; I’m the type that wanders around the sewer and loses his wallet in the dead of night looking for video of the transfiguration.

BLYPKEN’s debut EP will be available through The Sublunar Society

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