♫♪  Bones & Beeker - “Samana”

Winter, shminter! Happy fun summer days are here again, dear reader! With the premiere of their new video for the track “Samara,” The Minneapolis-based duo Bones & Beeker are here to put a sunny, summery, and vaguely Stereolab-ish smile back on our faces as we plunge headlong into the disgusting, cold, dark shitfest that lies ahead with their adorable-as-balls marriage of “hip-hop-production sensibilities [and] classic, harmony-focused singer-songwriter musicianship.”

After warming our cold, wet eyeballs just a little bit already with the video for “Heartbroken in Love” earlier this fall, the unlikely duo — comprised of audio engineer/music theorist/folk-rock shambler Anthony Newes on “vocals, guitars, keys, and other sounds” and hip-hop producer and jazz-apostle Brandon “BK-One” Kelley on “production, drum programming, keys, glockenspiel, and kalimba,” accompanied on the record by bassist Chris Bierden (Poliça, Pony Trash) and guitarist Nate Collis (Atmosphere, Attracted to Gods) — is now gearing up to release its self-titled album, which hits November 13 via Wax Poetics Records.

But until that sunny, sunny day comes, you can check out the video below and wave a groovy, wobbly, woozy “fare thee well” to your usual pathetic bouts of Seasonal Affective Disorder (a couple Tylenol #3 probably wouldn’t hurt, either.)

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