Born Gold

Just as any other meme, music drifts in a variety of ways. Since September hit, I’ve been back and forth to Midwest America and New York. In the process, I’ve heard a deep change in music genres: mall metal to cute-acoustic, alt-grunge rock to K-Pop, country to club. So, it’s interesting to be presented with Born Gold (a.k.a. Cecil Frena)’s latest track “Braille,” a solid mixture of some of these different genres. There’s a runnin’ beat getting people moving, evoking that same type of kitsch melody of K-Pop, sung by a sweet Epitaph-style singer, yet appealing to that same sort of fun country vibe. And it’s also totally remixable. Remix culture is so enormous. “Braille” could probably be remixed in every which way, as it’s well deserved.

Born Gold’s newest album I Am An Exit is dropping HEAT on October 8 through Art Control (US) and Hovercraft (Canada). Stream his newest track “Braille” below:

• Born Gold:

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