♫♪  Bryant Canelo - 928/cold sweat

This new Bryant Canelo ain’t no foolin’ nobody! I know where you been, bruhh. And 928/cold sweat is that other-side swag. So what if you and me only met like for an hour of our lives IRL. I got this connection I pick up immediately while listening to side A too. It’s mostly conjured by your VOICE being in the piece as this sort of meta-narrator and/or -disc-jockey, and to be honest, the whole bit got me all shocked. And it was never a question of if you COULD, but you DID, and here it is as 928/cold sweat.

What the fuck am I talking about? Yo, is that smooth Bryant Canelo post-beat swag. Like how D/P/I creates an atmosphere based around originally BEAT-EM-UP aesthetics, Canelo does the same, but at times with speed just grazing footwork/break, or vocal loops as good as a bass and snare, and them fucking chimes!!! He beats the shit outta chimes, y’all. But what’s the soul here? Is it the sampled basis? The way Bryant plays MC in a music concrete-esque way? Or the mental generation of how the future of beat music is starting always, and the fellah is so close to the cusp it’s borderline NSFW… even just listening! LOL - this zither-beat track! YES!!!!!!!!

Scope below and snag from my deep close, super close personal pals Bootleg Tapes:

• Bryant Canelo: https://twitter.com/LAMP_GOD
• Bootleg Tapes: http://bootlegtapes.bandcamp.com

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