♫♪  Career Crooks (Zilla Rocca & Small Pro) - “Least Important Most Important”

Newly christened as Career Crooks, the duo of bearded Philly bard Zilla Rocca and bearded Philly beatsmith Small Professor has been pressing up their patented digital dimestore variety noir-hop for the better part of a decade. Unfortunately, that time table doesn’t quite cater to industry standards. Whereas Label Owner A would prefer their facial hair a bit patchier and more tamable, Label Owner B lost interest after discerning no direct connection to the boom-bap or backpack era. [“Sorry, boys, if only you’d been born 10 years later or earlier.”] And both execs’ promotional teams would likely suggest trading in the everyman looks for trench coats and fedoras. [“You know, really work the whole gritty angle.”]

Still, a hard sell for bigwigs is easy money for side hustlers. And if these Career Crooks have a core demographic, it’s them, the full-time part-timers and vice versa, the last of the Three-Card Monte players, their exploits caught between the ‘er and ‘ed phases; those who represent the “Least Important Most Important” among us, the informally economized “creatives” performing unspeakable acts with and at untold costs.

Sin Will Find You: The Collected Works of Zilla and Small Pro is available at an unfair rate (name your price) in a back alley near you. Good Luck With That, the debut album by Career Crooks, drops early 2017. Premiering below, its first video single.

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