♫♪  Cellar Doors - “Frost”

When you can’t go out at night because it’s been raining for a week straight and the gutters are giving back the rats, buoyant like waterlogged kiwis; when you sit to close to a window because gangs of of disgruntled youths – flashing guitars “just like switch-blades” – rule the dull, wet night; when the bass cuts through the smoggy, neon swell at the beginning of “Frost”, the lead single off Cellar Doors’ first 7” for Spiritual Pajamas, it sounds like a war machine on the edge of losing control. The force of the sound blows to band to bits in the video for “Frost”, directed by Nathan Seabrook, and the distorted signal comes through stripped of color, emotion, and clarity.

The first couples times I listened to this tune, it was just to hear the San Fransisco trio do a devilishly stylish David Gilmour impression in the interlude. The second couples times was just to hear them hit the deck during the last half-minute and surf like they’re in Point Break pulling some ridiculous heist with an Apache helicopter in hot pursuit. This is certainly a tune in which the intensity can envelope you, especially when the most exciting thing you’ve done today is lie on the couch and try to pick up your cell phone off the coffee table with your toes. To act out the post-punk adventure fantasy you never knew you wanted to have, peep Cellar Doors’ latest video below. The fully physical experience is available on hot white wax from their bandcamp, brought to us by Spiritual Pajamas. There’s only a few copies left, so unless you’re one of those nubs who buys records and then doesn’t bother to listen to them, act fast.

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