♫♪  Charmaine’s Names - “Leave Me Alone”

A trio of leave-alones, — a boxer, a harlequin, and a lounge singer — throw a pool party on Mt. Washington. Nothing goes disastrously wrong. The mystery of the tablecloth is solved. Now it’s soaking wet. And there’s the other tablecloth, the red one. I hope you didn’t get any of that milk on em, honey.

Both pool and poolside are clean, cleaned up, chemically treated, allowing plenty of room for strange behavior. There are signs of slack too — the hi-hat giving up on accuracy; the boxer sitting poolside, bored and tuned out; the harlequin applying purple nail polish, skipping the nails for the skin; the lounge singer humping the lawn chair after staying underwater just a little too long, like the back-up vocalist in ”Come Undone.” Is this leisure or depression?

The lounge singer answers, There’s nothing for it / But to leave me alone.

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