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In the grey of February, Christina Vantzou released Nº2, a record that provided great drama to an already dramatic season — these are slow, gorgeous compositions that unfold patiently, carefully, and delicately enough to warrant me wanting to say properly. Almost six months later, we’re graced with an immaculate, slow motion video for album-gem “Sister” and…wow. I often have a tendency to want to avoid this sort of emotionalism, but here it’s damn-near overwhelming, as the video has a way of asserting its “deep and realness” forcefully, to the point where there’s no way of feeling like your dead inside. This is a good thing! Dig the video’s classic imagery, as flickering candles, choir, and lush strings surround a woman’s act of levitation. The scene captures the intense, floaty feeling of listening to Nº2 in it’s natural habitat — bedtime reflection, in between states of consciousness. In fact, the only setting perhaps more natural than this sort of nocturnal-bedroom-zone is the music soundtracking a miraculous act in a church. Well! Here we are!

Vantzou has an extensive portfolio of video-work to her name, as she’s made a self-directed video for each one of the tracks on Nº2, so keep those eyes peeled. Check out “Sister” above.

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