♫♪  Clip Art - “Brave Parents”

That moment when you realize you’re watching a killer whale swimming next to a man with a triangle head who’s running in place is a moment of… I don’t know, not clarity. It’s definitely a moment I’m having over and over again as I keep hitting the play button on this Clip Art video while desperately trying to figure out a way to present it to you via ye olde Chocolate Grinder. “Brave Parents” is at once an oddball for the eyeball, meant to hype the new release from whoever this weirdo is on Scotland’s Instructional Media imprint. But perhaps more importantly it’s one hell of a snappy synth-pop tune. Surfing a similar wave as label-mate Henri Claudel’s, this one chews on the best bites of your favorite nerdy 80s tunes, and spits back out what might as well be a long-lost classic. Robotic beats with 90 degree angled corners, neon synthesizer streaks that glow like plasma, and a heavy-jawed vocal with just enough passion to be taken seriously; just enough apathy to be cool. When it’s spliced together with vintage instructional video footage, cyber-punk 3D imagery, and clips of what is surely thee Clip Art himself, this makes for one puzzling package… But it’s plenty enough to sell a record. Pick up a pre-order by dialing www-dot-instructionalmedia-dot-bigcartel-dot-com on your nearest touch-tone keyboard.

• Clip Art: https://soundcloud.com/clip_art
• Instructional Media: http://instructionalmedia.bigcartel.com

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