♫♪  Cornelia - “Crusing”

Years in the making, Scratcha DVA, Kwes, and Bonobo collaborator Cornelia is finally released her debut LP on June 15. Balun, the title a derivative of combining “balanced” and “unbalanced,” was written through Cornelia’s move from Sweden to London. She recalls, “I wrote Balun on the brink of a big change in my life. I felt I was at the edge of a border, both physically and mentally, having to relearn basic things like language, culture and conventions.” A natural disturbance that we react to in distinct ways. Cruising or wandering without precise destination, can be attributed to either side of a move. Pre-trip cruising is stagnation – meandering through the last months, weeks, days of a job or avoiding roommates as second nature. Post-trip cruising is sensory excess. Everything is clear, vibrant, new, buzzing, serotonin levels skyrocket to drone-above-the-beaches-of-Southern-California heights.

Balun, seven songs in length, is being released physically on a crazy, first-of-it’s-kind Printed Audio Poster (Demonstration) – the first in a series of musical endeavors from Cornelia and London-based interactive tech company Novalia. In Cornelia’s words, “my friends at Novalia and I have made the worlds first LP shaped audio poster using technology enabled by integration of conductive ink, capacitive touch and conventional electronics to provide a musical experience in a new format, combining science, design and music. When touched the poster plays the songs of the album through a built in speaker and includes buttons for volume up and down!”

Balun comes out on June 15 on Camp Mozart. The Audio Poster is up for pre-order now under limited edition. [Photo credit: Greg Holland]

• Cornelia: http://www.iamcornelia.com
• Cornelia: https://soundcloud.com/cornelia

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