♫♪  Così e Così - “Being You” (feat T. Funk)

Could it get any darker than a j-card dick pic? Actually, it COULD! And this just in from the blackened prince, Così e Così (featuring T. Funk), comes some fuzzy violence via Guillaume Vallé in the video for “Being You” off Being You Black Utopia. This is in co-joining release with Self Exit, both in cassette formats on August 6 via Jeunesse Cosmique.

Here in “Being You,” there’s a heavy Angels in America vibe, but with way more palpable standards to textured melody and beat. No DOUBT this is some brooding sounds and atmospheres, but it’s Così e Così, son. Which means so-so, right? Well, that might be how the fellah is doing emotionally, but song-wise, “Being You” makes trans-body experiences feel like a marvel in sound. Shit, I’m curious if Faith Hill’s “Someone Else’s Dream” was inspiration for Così e Così on this track, for FAKE.

Word-is: “official launch show is this Wednesday at Casa del Popolo in Montreal. Booking an official tour finally with Montreal artist Echo Beach too, so will be in NYC approx October 1!” So grip (the super super limited) Self Exit and Being You Black Utopia tomorrow on tape via Jeunesse Cosmique, and scope what it’s like “Being You” below:

• Così e Così: http://cosiecosi.tumblr.com
• Jeunesse Cosmique: http://jeunessecosmique.com

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