♫♪  Così e Così - Self Exit

Another year. Another premiere. Yet, this is some fresh stuff in the works here from Così e Così. Self Exit is “the transition from a past life to new/no life.” As ghost merges with the torments of aura, being becomes stuck between ascension and the real world. Hollow ground and the dimensional pulsate echos of wailing through time and space and sound becomes that of purgatory. The meeting of noise and melody. The perception of past and the future, together.

Like holding out your hand and grasping for rope too far to reach. Looking over, and seeing the man smiling, pouring clear liquid from a bagged bottle into a to-go coffee cup. Falling asleep in a city ATM nook and waking up a few bucks richer in the morning. That “Happy Holiday’s” sign upside-down, skyline peaking out from behind it, and the silhouette of two people shaded by night. It’s the new year that rips the Self Exit out of all.

Così e Così got at me during the annual transition of numbers. Super nice dude. I imagine this won’t be the last we’ll be hearing from him. Also, Self Exit features a bit from Diamond Terrifier’s 2012 Kill the Self That Wants to Kill Yourself. Stream the full flavor of Self Exit by Così e Così below:

• Così e Così: https://cosiecosi.bandcamp.com

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