♫♪  Cy Dune - “Rock n Roll”

Rock & roll is dead, dude. Hasn’t anybody told you that? Guess if you’re gonna remain willfully ignorant, then I’ll indulge you fer a bit. ‘Bout to press play…

Oh me, oh my — rock & roll isn’t dead! IT’S ALIVE. Thanks in part to Seth Olinsky (Akron/Family)’s Cy Dune: You got the goods in spades, dear pal. Prescribed witness to self-destruction status, right here. Encouragement of the senses and fuzzy tongue licks. Glow bright, CY-CLONE. Rip through time and place. Repeat and reuse. Go on and get rolled. Salmon getting mauled, falling down concrete beach steps, waking up in puke and bad phone calls. Let the spirits take you.

“Rock n Roll” is off of Cy Dune’s upcoming LP Shake, out on his very own co-founded Lighting Records. Hopefully the time comes when you and I can hear the rest of the record, because my ears are perked, and I can only imagine your ears are too.

• Cy Dune: http://cydunesounds.wordpress.com
• Lightning Records: http://lightningrecords.tumblr.com

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