♫♪  Danya Vodovoz - “Horizon”


We’ve come a long way since Eric Carl. That hungry, colorful caterpillar, popping off the page riding waves of tissue paper, his feet stomping across pages of suburban backyard insect antics. That eater of eggplant, pineberries, strawapples, kielbasa, warped green shit. It’s time these clubs adopted some of this color. The kid’s menu placemat-type schematic. Grooving a muted two step is like play playing in the garden, going over familiar ground—rocking a familiar stomping ground. The sort of shit a true old-head aficionado can bob his head to and kick back on a few childhood memories in to which no one else is tuned. On a smooth house beat backed by collapsing saxophone, the video was entirely painted by the St. Petersburg-based artist Arsin Nasibulin, who enters the palette on all fours—an animal native to the watercolor cutout world. The video adapts five of his paintings into a layered, kinetic work, much like the song it backs up. A sorta kinda dancing [sic] “graffity.”

Watch the melting watercolor choreography of Danya Vodovoz’s “Horizon” below, and download the song from Vodovoz’s own bandcamp for the low, low price of name-your price. His full length Motion Machine will be out later this year.

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