♫♪  Dear Criminals - “Petite mort”

Something I realized recently is that I like to write about almost anything. I sent Dear Criminals’ “Petite mort” to my fiancée, and she was like, “You’re premiering THAT track?” And when I was across the street last night walking my dog, there were kids in the woods hanging, so I joined their smoke with Maud, and afterward, they thought it was a great idea to sacrifice one of their friends, which was when this realization happened. As they were tearing apart this boy’s skin and innards — 14 or 15 years old — I realized while walking slowly away that the real world might be a sheltered one because (1) people and (2) PEOPLE.

Dear Criminals are people too, yeah. And if you know what I’m normally into, then you also know that “Petite mort” is not exactly my cup of tea. But then again, this track doesn’t strive for “originality,” and I admire their particularness to production and mastering on this obviously well melodied and rhythmic song. Since Dear Criminals (appears to have) began last year around this time with lover’s suicide — they don’t have a Discogs page (which is as frightening as it is intriguing) — perhaps the trio is just now finding its footing.

Snag their newest EP, Crave, available here.

• Dear Criminals: http://www.dearcriminals.com

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