♫♪  Dust Witch / LACHANE - “Sister Planet” / “Olneyville”

We’re hitting the end of this week with not one, but two videos coming out of the Austin, TX headquarters of Holodeck Records. And what do we have here? In addition to this dual audio-visual delight, on Friday, March 9 — as in TODAY — H-deck’s dropping a 30-track compilation, titled Holodeck Vision One, comprised of tunes from the past, present, and future of Holodeck’s roster.

First up we have the video for “Sister Planet,” a blasted nugget of cosmic prog from New England group Dust Witch. The band, looking to capture “something we could play that might make our eyes roll back in our heads a little,” accomplishes that goal and then some with this scorcher. Directed and edited by Tyler Gorman, the video was culled “from a filmed rehearsal in October” that should have you itching to catch them live and soak up the vibe for yourself. Additional credits include photography by Courtney Brooke Hall, Alex Leff, and Joseph Loftus.

Next is the mellow, glitchy visuals for LACHANE’S “Olneyville.” The Austin duo, who dropped a self-titled cassette with the label last year, don’t let up with the inviting mystery surrounding their industrial/ambient concoctions. The video for “Olneyville” was compiled from “screen captured game play from an old 90s web game called Active Worlds” and then manipulated by the band’s Melissa Cha; it’s like being too tired or imbibing too many illicit substances to realize your game is completely effed. The narcotic dark ambience of the tune matches the disorienting atmosphere even more, and I’m loving it!

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