♫♪  El Plvybxy - “Rodocrosita”

AGVA - a netlabel/collective based in Buenos Aires - brings the Julian Barnes definition of net to mind: “a collection of holes tied together with string.” Except swap “holes” for something like “semiotic portals” and your net now contains intense potential for zone making. In the AGVA sphere are rappers/producers like Jonas Sampaoli, S ü c k i e, and El Plvybxy, whose upcoming “MINERAL” release adds a line of evolutionary sound design to the collective’s output. The El Plvybxy production keeps precise architecture and apparent malfunction in careful balance. On “Rodocrosita” a series of splices and grafts issue amid flakes of obsidian silence. The net is cast wide into exoplanet pools, net inside net, returning cipher. These compelling minerals taste lab-formed, crystals extracted from deep electrified vats, built to specific ratios.

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