♫♪  Eleanor Murray - “Bury Me Into the Mtn.”

Every time I return to Washington state (my home, now), I’m astonished. It’s easy to take a place — this place — for granted. It’s easy to let the land cease to impress itself upon you, to open you up. Home becomes habit, and habit no longer sees.

My initial attraction to Washington (the Pacific Northwest in general) was the music. I heard in it the reverberations of a place I wanted to be. Indeed, coming to know the place — the landscapes and regional scenes alike — I wasn’t wrong. But sometimes I stop seeing and listening.

So it’s not only with pleasure, but with a sincere gratitude, when I discover artists who remind me to inhabit the little place in which I reside — to see it, and to listen to it, again. Eleanor Murray is, undoubtedly, one such artist.

And it gives me even greater pleasure to share her work with you — to give you an indication of this place, the way in which autobiography and land profoundly intermingle, and to let you hear one of our best “unknown” musicians.

Bury Me Into the Mtn. (review forthcoming), upon which you will find this stunning little song, is being released today. You can/should listen to and order it here.

• Eleanor Murray: http://www.eleanormurray.com

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